Real Talk Live Photography

Real Talk Live Photography

Last night’s Real Talk Live was legendary, just as we expected.

I would like to personally show love to our features, Epic and Aja Monet; to the entire Real Talk Live family, Emily, Baz, Sage, Robert, and Janna; and last, but not least, to all the folks who showed up on a snowy April evening to take part in the healing.

Robert and Janna It is my belief that great change is really the amassing of many small changes. Last night, we shared our stories, our poetry, our bad jokes, our songs. It may seem small, especially in comparison to the grave tragedies that struck our national consciousness over the past weeks, or to our daily grinds, grinds which often leave us at a loss for energy and vigor. It is when the community comes together in the sharing and creation of something constructive to our spirits that it shows its greatest potential. I am thankful to be connected with people who are still willing, through it all, to dream, radically, of a better world.

I hope you enjoy the photos!

Until next time,


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